Practical Legal English

The gateway: a Practical Legal English course

The PLE course helps Dutch legal professionals to work in English more easily, more effectively and more accurately. The goals are to clean up technical mistakes and common errors, improve practical skills, and acquire self-awareness about practising Dutch law effectively in English. After taking the PLE course, a participant sees immediate improvement in his or her day-to-day practice.

Every Dutch legal professional, regardless of level, will find this worthwhile. This is the course that is considered “mandatory” for everyone from the near-native-speaker to those who will work only occasionally in English. It is particularly well suited for lawyers who are newly minted or shaking off the rust.

A unit or small group seeking to dramatically improve its ability to work internationally, while at the same time having an interesting educational experience, will find this course an important first step.

“It is a common sense proposition that we do not easily accept that people have made linguistic mistakes, particularly in formal documents.” — Lord Hoffman