Description of MLE

1. Designed by anglophone lawyers specifically for Dutch lawyers.

Designed originally by Somen Becker, a South African lawyer-trainer, the “Practical Legal English” programme has been continued and expanded by Dutch-Canadian lawyer-linguist Greg Korbee and is now called “Mastering Legal English”.

2. A coherent, standardised programme.

MLE is a coherent and standardised programme easily integrated, in whole or in part, into any legal organisation’s training and operational goals.

3. In-house

Practical in-house training directly supporting international operations. This in-house programme is currently available only at law firms, corporations, government bodies and certain legal training organisations. (If you would like a programme to be run at your organisation, please ask your training department to contact us.)

4. Modular

A flexible, modular approach. The MLE programme consists of over 30 modules. Each module may also be taught individually or in various combinations. The structure of the training is flexible. An organisation may choose to run sessions that are two, three, four, five or six hours long per day.

5. Small-group classes

Small-group classes, with an online component. For a participant, the programme primarily involves participation in small-group classroom training and completion of the various modules. Some modules are done as homework and some online. Option: four shorter thematic courses. The modules are often taught as shorter thematic courses, i.e. Practical Legal English, Grammar Plus, Better Legal Writing and Clearer Legal Writing.

6. Suitable for all Dutch legal professionals

MLE is a general programme for Dutch legal, notarial and tax professionals at all levels and from every area of law, including juristen, advocaten, notarissen, kandidaat-notarissen, belastingadviseurs, in-house legal counsel, support lawyers, paralegals, etc. Participants ordinarily have a law degree.

7. Help professionals move to the next level

Practising law in a second language is not an easy matter. A number of personal and social factors are involved. One part of the programme relies on readings and exercises to help a Dutch lawyer develop awareness, take the right approach, have the right attitude and know where to find assistance. This helps the participant truly move to the next level by understanding and taking control of the legal English process.

8. Focus: the practice of Dutch law in English

MLE is not specifically about drafting, translation or Anglo-American law, although these aspects are discussed as they come up. The goal is to help Dutch legal professionals practise Dutch law internationally with more accuracy, grace and comfort.