“Mastering Legal English” (MLE) is a post-academic legal-English training programme for Dutch-speaking legal professionals working in English.
  • Designed by anglophone lawyers for Dutch lawyers
  • A flexible, modular approach
  • Small-group classes, with an online component
  • Suitable for all Dutch legal professionals


Welcome to Mastering Legal English

MLE helps a Dutch lawyer to reach an even more professional level in his or her international practice. It is suitable for anyone seeking a proper introduction, a standard programme or a comprehensive refresher. Over the past 25 years, MLE (and its predecessor, PLE) have been taught to over a thousand Dutch legal professionals at many of the finest law firms, in-house legal departments and legal training organizations in the Netherlands.
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Practical Legal English

The PLE course helps Dutch legal professionals to work in English more easily, more effectively and more accurately.

Grammar Plus

The Grammar Plus course is dubbed “grammar plus”, but it could also be called “verb plus” or the “heart of the sentence” programme.

Better Legal Writing

The goal is to improve a Dutch legal professional’s ability to write in English by correcting errors relating to sentence structure, formality, style and politeness.

Clearer Legal Writing

This is an English legal writing programme focused on a difficult area dubbed “modality”.